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Anyone else notice that the plastic on two liter soda bottles has gotten thinner? When you open a new bottle and pick it up by the sides it is almost inevitable that the sides will collapse and spill delicious Mt Dew or Coke everywhere. I find this trend very disturbing, I don't like it one bit.

Oh God

Mac boy next door brought in pictures today. No kidding. Just so I could see how totally awesome the iMac is sitting in his awesome office jsut oozing awesomeness.

Kill me now. 
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I hate daylight savings time. Especially since it starts early now. I don't like it to be dark when I wake up in the morning. And honestly, do we really need it to be daylight until 10 PM? And I always get annoyed when people say it gives us more daylight. WTF? There is exactly the same amount of daylight. If you want longer days, get out of bed earlier.

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Notbob was just outside rolling around in the street like he was waiting for someone to scratch his belly. I went out and saved him from himself, because people in this neighborhood aren't gonna slow down for him. 


I am not really into first person shooter type games. However, I have been playing Candy Mountain Massacre on the Adult Swim website and it makes me very happy.